Our Values

At Exscientia we’re proud of our culture and want to enable every employee to deliver their best work in an environment that promotes wellbeing and inclusion. That’s why it’s important for us to articulate not just what we do, but how we do it, with values that encapsulate who we are and how we change the way the world invents impactful medicines.

Every year we measure engagement with an employee survey, to help us sustain our culture and build a workplace where people can thrive. Our last engagement survey results are testament to the fantastic company we have created together.

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These are our four core values and what they mean to our team and culture in practice:

We put
 people first

We ask ourselves “how do we make the maximum difference to people’s health?”

We look after people, treating others with care, compassion and respect.

We value and recognise diverse expertise and perspectives.

We empower our people. We want everyone to succeed.

We are

We are expert led and tech enabled, using data to enhance all aspects of our work.

We invent technology to complete our mission.

We are continually innovating and evolving.

We do not accept the status quo. We are impatient and embrace the risks needed to meet our ambition.

We are

We are all redesigning the industry.

Everyone can make an impact. There is beauty in delivering excellence, simplicity and precision.

We are energised by designing innovative solutions to hard problems.

We are always learning, it’s part of everything we do.

We are

We succeed and fail together.

We always have each other’s backs. We are owners, personally invested in the decisions and outcomes we set.

We believe in growing the eco-systems around us, collaborating over competing.

We are a team, working towards our audacious mission.