Precision Target

Target selection is key to creating success in drug discovery.

Selecting each target is a significant decision and the future success of any molecule will depend on that initial decision.

Operating at the forefront of AI research, we focus on choosing the right targets for the right disease so that we design the right drugs for the right patients.

We combine genetic data and global literature in machine learning models to anticipate and confirm disease-target associations.

Our experimental platform records responses in real patient samples allowing us to generate high-precision views of potential patient response.

Targets must also be small molecule druggable, meaning they have sites complementary to the properties of efficacious, safe small molecules.

Targets and Disease

Our AI-driven precision target systems are built to identify emerging hotspots of opportunity.

Phenotypic Discovery

Our discovery approaches extend beyond single molecular targets.


We identify targets amenable to ‘gold standard’ small molecule discovery through advanced druggability and tractability assessment.